Saturday, September 24, 2011

new instead of malloc

While searching I found a very naive, but useful thing about new/malloc.

Why should we use new instead of malloc ?

  1. New and Delete makes sure that constructors and sestructors are called but not the case with malloc and free functions of C. 
  2. Pointer conversion safety: malloc() returns a void* which isn't safe. new returns a pointer of the right type. 
  3. new is a Operator: new is an operator that can be overloaded for better memory management by a class, while malloc() is not an operaotor. 
  4. new operator computes the size of object automatically whereas malloc cannot.
  5. It is possible to initialize the object while allocating memory with new. 
  6. Its possible to construct an object over an already allocated memory using another version of 'new' operator known as 'placement new' operator. While with malloc() it is not possible.

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